Welcome to our family!

I created the hostel  in 2008, the guest house is built on a family domain, facing one of the best view of the Tiger Leaping Gorges. We are a small family business, I am in charge of maintaining the domain and take care of the guest, my wife cooks delicious local food …. and my mom is just super cool 🙂

Our guesthouse features a dormitory, several rooms and a beautiful, scenic, common area to eat and chill. The accommodations are modernand offer a good level of confort: soft mattresses, electric blanquets, hot water, WIFI, etc… We also have a good selection of local food, made with our product, and drinks. The domain has many walnut and mango trees, several animals and an organic garden.

We are located:

  • 15 km walk from the start of the TLG trek, half way up Haba Snow Mountain, at 2360m.
  • 10 min drive from the middle TLG
  • 2 hours drive from Lijiang
  • 3 hours drive from Shangri-La

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us 🙂


We have several kinds of buildings. The dormitory buildings has been made 6 years ago and the en suite building created in 2016.  You will find the rooms spotless and confortable. Beds have soft mattresses and electric blanquets. We also provide towels, hair dryers, washing products and tooth brushes.

Prices (Mai 2018)

One bed in a  shared dormitory (4 beds) : 35 RMD

Double room (twin beds) with private bathroom: 120 RMD

Family room (queen size + single beds) without bathroom: 80 RMD

Triple room (queen size + single beds) with private bathroom: 150 RMD


The tiger leaping gorge trek starts a few hundred meters after the town of Qiaotou and leads you through beautiful sceneries up to Haba mountain.

The trek is mostly well marked until the “Water Ship Platform”. After this, you may want to get a guide. If you have any difficulties to find one, contact us and we will forward you our contacts.

Tiger leaping gorge map


To visit the gorges, you first need to stop at the ticket office in Qiaotou. The ticket price is 65 RMB/person.


If you travel with big luggages, almost every Guest House located in Qiaotou can store them for you . The price is about 5 RMB / luggage.


From Qiaotou to Naxi Guest House – Medium – 2 hours

After the ticket office, continue on the paved road and pass Jane’s Guesthouse on your left. There, you will see a sign “Tiger leaping gorges” and  you must take left. After 1 hour walking the trail you will see another sign and you must take left again, leaving the paved road. If you didn’t bring enough water, at the start of the trail is a small shop.

From here you will start to ascent the first hill (400m up). It may be a little exhausting, but you will be reward by a beautiful view on Haba mountain. During the ascent there are some nice shaded benches where you can have a rest.

From Naxi Guest House to Tea horse Guest House- Medium – 3 hours

After a short descentd, it is time to ascend the second hill (400m again!). This part is named the famous 28 turns :). Before you start this pretty exausting ascend, there is a small shop to refuel on water or some sugar again. After you conquered the 28 bends, you’ll get to a beautiful 180°view point. A tiny shop sells water here.

From Tea horse Guest House to Half Way Guest House – Easy – 2 hours

This part is very easy, you will mainly follow the paved road.

From Half Way Guest House to the crossing betweenTina’s Guest house and Walnut Garden Youth Hostel – Easy – 1 hour

This part of the trail is mostly flat and will takes you through a temple and a huge waterfall. This is definitly one of the most beautiful part of the trek and may last up to two hours to fully enjoy the views. Later on that trek, you will see a crossing, so you ill have to choose between going down to Tina’s or stay on the trek to arrive at the Walnut Garden Youth Hostel.

From Tina’s road to Walnut Garden Youth Hostel – Medium – 3 hours

We personally maintain this hike. We made several bridges, added ropes and fixed some passageways to make it as safe as possible. It is a small path and we do not recommend it to people who are afraid of heights.  This hike is well marked with green arrows and usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. Most people tell us this hike is the most scenic part of the trek, it leads you through a bamboo forest, along a nice river with several beautiful waterfalls. At the top you will get an amazing view of the gorges.

From Walnut Garden Youth Hostel to Walnut Garden – Easy– 30 min

This a is nice stroll starting a few meters from our hostel. You will be following a trail mainly used by local people with their horses. It takes you to a scenic forest of walnut trees.  Follow the green arrows!

From Walnut Garden to Empty Glad Platform – Moderate – 30/45 min

This part starts under the shade of the forest and continue through a 250m ascent to reach to platform. You will be rewarded by a great panoramic view. Keep an eye on the green arrows!

From Empty Glad Platform to the Water Ship Tank – Moderate – 2hours

Follow the green arrow until the end to see one of the best view of the tiger leaping gorges!


Many different itineraries are possible. Here are the ones most of our guests do:

  • Arrival at early morning:
    • Day 1: Qiaotou to Tea Horse Guest House
    • Day 2: Tea Horse Guest House to Walnut Garden Youth Hostel
    • Day 3: Round trip to Empty Glad platform + bus in the afternoon
  • Arrival at the afternoon:
    • Day 1: Qiaotou to Naxi Guest House
    • Day 2: Naxi Guest House to Walnut Garden Youth Hostel
    • Day 3: Round trip to Empty Glad platform + bus in the afternoon

Voluntering and cultural exchange

Our place is beautiful, but there is soooo much work for our small family! So if you want to spend few weeks with us, please
feel free to look at our post on workaway.com  or to contact us directly 🙂